April 24, 2017


SpencerConnect Communications has a broad and active network. We can provide introductions to attorneys, financial advisers, copywriters, capital sources, turn around specialists and videographers. For introductions and recommendations, contact smaus@spencer-connect.com.

Below is a list of just a few organizations we can recommend based on our experiences.

  • “Let me get this straight. Our CRM is not talking to our social media, it’s ignoring the web, and none of this is effectively generating or managing business. HELP!OurHelix is a Chicago-based agency that integrates the web, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile and social into one marketing platform. We are a high-touch agency with a powerful marketing platform. Contact Amy.Nedoss@OurHelix.com.
  • “You should write a book.” Writing a book, getting it published  and promoting it is no longer a grand battle. Technology and the internet has simplified the process. And it serves as a great differentiator to gain speaking opportunities or a gift to prospects and clients. Networlding Publishing can help you “Publish Your Book the Easy Way! Our complete turn-key book writing and publishing services make publishing your own book a snap.  We’ve designed the perfect process for finally taking ‘Writing a Book’ off your bucket list.” Contact Melissa@networlding.com.
  • “We need a new logo. And our graphics suck!” Let me make three referrals (in alphabetical order).
    • Black Jade Creative – “BJC specializes in consumer branding, online marketing, print & video advertising, and social media. BJC aims to bring value to your vision. Contact rose@blackjadecreative.com.
    • DesignMarks – “We identify the visual needs of companies, corporations, and organizations – then we translate those needs into strong identity, branding, and advertising programs.” Contact nate@designmarks.biz.
    • TriggrCreative “Take that tangible benefit and leverage it emotionally in your market. With a clear brand voice, you can now Communicate Your Power.” Contact mark@triggrcreative.com.
  • “What negative comment about me?” It is in your best interest to know what is your public reputation. Set up multiple Google Alerts on your and your company’s names, and occasionally check comment sites such as Yelp.
  • “You were in the news? I missed that.” A great opportunity is presented when you see a friend, client of prospect in a news story. You can call or email to congratulation them, and comment on their success. Many use Google Alerts, but it doesn’t always pick up on every story. Check out Newsle. With your permission, Newsle searches for stories on your LinkedIn contacts and Facebook friends. You then receive a daily email with links to stories on your contacts and friends.