April 23, 2017


Public and Media Relations

In today’s economy, it is an even more competitive business world. We can help you find new prospects and make a positive contact. Be it meeting with reporters, using social media, hosting or sponsoring events, using “snail mail” or email campaigns, creating impact newsletters or white papers, or something as basic as effective networking, we have “been there – done that.”

press-conference-150x150For over 16 years we have introduced clients to local, national and trade media. This has included the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, AP, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, CNBC, MSNBC.com, Crain’s Chicago Business, the National and Financial Post, the Daily Deal, Success Magazine, Reuters, Boston Globe, MarketWatch, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and Chicago radio/ TV network affiliates.

Media preparation. We will create and execute a mock interview so you can experience the process before the real thing. We ask hard questions, focus on body language and the nervous gestures that may convey a negative impression. Our goal is to be as tough as possible during the mock interview to ensure your preparation.

Social Media – “If done correctly, it’s all circular!”

As rapidly as social media is growing, changes to established sites and the amazing innovation of new sites, no one can be a true expert. However, SpencerConnect can help select the right sites for your business. We understand the creation and importance of distributing engaging content targeting your clients, prospects and the media.social media

Spencer Maus began his involvement in social media monitoring chat rooms for clients. Spencer Maus was an early adopter of LinkedIn (February 2004), and active with Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Foursquare, Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress and Plaxo.

SpencerConnect has created or provided major editing to over 25 LinkedIn profiles and 14 company LinkedIn profiles. And we developed campaign strategies to announce launch of all profiles, and provided content to maintain interest.

“Spencer worked on a Linked In initiative for HBG Health Ventures. He was excellent in formulating the initiative, execution and follow-up. His demonstration of deep domain expertise in utilizing Linked In as a business tool benefited our organization by increasing our pipeline for business opportunities. We continue to work with Spencer on further activities on our Linked In initiatives.” Martin Craig, CEO of HBG Health Ventures

Crisis  Communications

You have insurance to protect your business. Do you have a plan to protect your reputation?

ExplosionBad things can happen to good companies and people. Even companies with a small staff can have one employee angry with a termination create major damages to a long built reputation. No corporate board room expects a CEO to suddenly pass away. No company expects a seemingly, innocent employee mistake to cause a plant explosion.

A slip of the tongue by a CFO to a group of analysts can bring the SEC to your door. We can help you prepare for the unexpected and unimaginable. We can help you and your staff prepare for the “fire drill” of a crisis.

 Trade Show Success and Media

Trade shows attract editors and reporters looking for news on the “next best thing” in your industry. They want stories on industry Trade-show1-150x150trends. They want to uncover new, innovative products and companies. They want to talk to you. However, they have so little time. So much they can cover.

We have had great success introducing clients to reporters covering their industry, Stories were published, profiles raised and reputations as an industry leader enhanced. It takes planning and creating relationships with trade show planners. But with a little effort, we have generated amazing successes for our clients.