April 23, 2017


Feeling overwhelmed and under served? Social media, website management, CRM, design, huh? Content management? What should I create? And what do I do with it? Your local news like your business and wants to do a story? Great news for your company? Your bank pulls your credit line, and the media is on your door step?

What do you do? Here are a few suggestions, and also visit the “Recommendations” page for more ideas.

Promoting you!

  • “The press release dead!” Well, not exactly. However “Today we announced that…” just doesn’t cut it anymore. So what do you do? Tell a story that is interesting, entertaining and makes a point! And do it in less than 500 words. And get it proof read by a colleague. Look at PRWeb, Business Wire or PR Newswire as distribution resources. If needed, we can take care of writing and distributing your announcement.
  • “Social media? It seems like anti-social media!” Your profiles on social media are incomplete. Invitations to connect on LinkedIn from people you don’t know. You need more Facebook friends. Competition is bragging about new business from Twitter. How? We offer a free, 30-minute review, and will make recommendations on how to amp-up your social media program. If we can’t help, we will provide referrals to those who can. Contact 312-498-3478 or smaus@spencer-connect.com.
  • “Trade shows have been worthless.” Schedule meetings with other attendees four to six weeks before the event. The same holds true for reporters. Don’t collect cards, collect new relationships. And never leave your booth unmanned. We can help make tradeshows worthwhile with quick fixes. And we can help drive reporters to your booth.
  • “OK, I’ve got all this stuff (white papers, news stories, etc.), what do I do with it?” How should I create new stuff? The answer to old stuff, update and re-purpose. New stuff? Consider video, then audio, then text. 55% of communications is visual. 35% is voice tonality. 10% is text. We can prepare you and refer you to videographers, help create podcasts and documents. And then share you knowledge. For suggestions, read Content Marketing is King – Part 1 and Content Marketing is King – Part 2.
  • “How in the hell did that happen?” A crisis, personal or business, needs to be addressed quickly and professionally. Inquiring minds want answers. And don’t make the problem worse! Almost all businesses do not have a crisis management and communication plan. We have created a bullet-point check list of what to do before something bad happens. For a copy contact us at 312-498-3478 or smaus@spencer-connect.com, or read Lessons Learned in Texas, Now What Do We Do?, and Tweet! Now What Do We Do?
  • “Charlie Rose would like to interview you.” Never been on radio, much less on TV, or had a story written about you in the press? We can help. We will run you through drills and mock interviews to prepare you. We’ve been on both sides of the camera. And know what it is like to be interviewed and interview. For help 312-498-3478 or smaus@spencer-connect.com.

“Spencer recently coached me on the finer points of delivering an interview for the TV documentary show, ‘American Greed’.  Spencer conducted a thorough mock interview, and highlighted the potentially loaded questions. In addition, he helped with the set-up and my body language during the interview, stopping at various places to point out various problems that could be created in the process. As a result, I was very prepared and ready for the interview, which went smoothly.”  Robert Handler on “American Greed”, Commercial Recovery Associates